How we can support you

Our organisation specialises in flexible advocacy and support with whatever is complicating peoples’ lives.

  • We work alongside you to help you overcome whatever is complicating your life.
  • We can support you with issues such as poverty, stigma and relationships with family or community.
  • We can ensure that your voice is heard in clinical, bureaucratic or legal settings.
  • We can assist you to plan for wellness and crisis which is crucial to reducing time spent in hospital or other interventions.
  • We provide information which includes a free library of books, leaflets and DVDs.
  • We produce ‘Enigma‘ which is a free quarterly newsletter on current mental health issues.
  • We have a wide knowledge of community organisations and groups.
  • We run group education sessions on topics such as Bipolar disorder and Stigma and Discrimination.
  • We promote consumer leadership in the Otago

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