Peer Support

Our peer support is based on the Intentional Peer Support (IPS) model and is mostly one on one peer support. We also run a women’s group on the last Friday of every month.

Peer support relationships are mutual and reciprocal relationships, where staff walk alongside people during their journey and experience with mental distress. It is based on three principles:

Hope vs Fear

Learning vs Helping

Relationship vs Individual

These are embodied in 4 tasks:

Connection: This is about when someone else “gets it”. The sharing of experiences to learn and explore possible options.

Worldview: Helping each other to understand how we’ve come to know what we know. Instead of asking ‘what’s wrong,’ we ask ‘what happened?’

Mutuality: Redefining help as a co-learning and growing process.

Moving Towards: what we want, vision and action.

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Our code of ethics

We operate under a code of ethics- this guides our responses and choices: