We are hiring!

OMHST is hiring for two positions:

  • Peer Support Worker (20 hours/week)
  • Advocacy and Networking Lead (15 hours/week)

We’re looking for:

  • a Peer Support Worker who will walk alongside people experiencing mental distress and/or addiction.
  • an Advocacy and Networking Lead who will identify and adovcate on issues affecting people who experience mental distress and/or addiction. They will also develop a network of peers, and share information and resources to assist people to advocate for change that matters to them.

Download the Application Packs [PDF]

We are a supportive workplace. All of our team have their own experience of mental distress and/or addiction.

Call 0800 364 462
Email info@omhst.org.nz
Deadline: 5pm, April 11, 2022